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Skip Safety Tips

By 26 July 2022August 25th, 2022No Comments

Skip Safety Tips

If you’re thinking of hiring a skip from us, make sure you check out our tips for staying safe. We always want to make sure that our customers can have a safe experience. Most of these should be common sense to most people but we will include them anyway!


There are a surprising amount of people who don’t research anything to do with skip hire before ordering. We don’t think you need to have pages of research written down but we certainly expect our customers to know the main information that could affect them. Such as needing a 3-meter clearance distance once the skip is set in place.



When you’ve ordered your skip and have a delivery date planned, you should make sure you know everything important before that day arrives. Make sure that the dedicated space has been cleared, and ensure that it is a flat surface so the skip doesn’t wobble. Measure the drive/space before ordering to make sure it has enough room for the size you require. Please don’t attempt to move the skip once it has been placed in your desired spot. You could also find some planks of wood to supply if you don’t want the skip directly on the surface to avoid any potential damage.


Check Restrictions

We always want to make sure that our skip operators and customers are kept safe around the waste. That is why we provide all customers with a waste restrictions guide so they know which items are not permitted. A lot of the items on the list can be hazardous to others including medical waste, electricals, and solvents. If you still choose to put these items in the skip you could incur some serious charges for up to an additional 100% of the skip hire price. Not to mention you could have legal action taken against you. Avoid this by checking out the terms of business page and restrictions guide on our website.

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