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How To Reduce Your Plastic Use

By 26 July 2022August 25th, 2022No Comments

How To Reduce Your Plastic Use

We hope everyone is aware of the problem that plastic pollution causes to our environment. The common plastic water bottle is estimated to take 450 years to decompose yet we find an alarming amount of them in our oceans. We should do our best to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our day-to-day activities.

Plastic At Home

There are hundreds of items that contain plastic throughout our homes including cups, bottles, toys, and storage containers. We should be more aware of the items that we have in and out of our homes to ensure the safety of our planet and the wildlife that live throughout. You can do your best to buy loose fruit and vegetables as well as re-using as many plastic items as possible. There are many different things to use that are alternatives to plastic, we need to use these to take action.


How Does Recycling Work

Your used plastics only get recycled when they are put in the correct bin and reach the appropriate recycling location. Once they get there, they can be sorted by their polymer groups, shredded, and then can be made into their new materials.

There are some types of plastic that are more difficult to recycle and re-use but most are easily made into new items. To ensure this happens, we should take the right steps from the start, meaning putting it in the correct bin after use.


Can’t Help It?

There are some times where we really can’t help where our waste goes, and that includes plastics. This could be in large construction projects including the demolishing of them. This is where skip hire can help.

We make sure that any waste in our skips is separated and sorted into categories so it can be sent to the appropriate facility. We always want to avoid landfill as much as possible. we are fully licensed and have valuable experience so you know it will be disposed of in the correct way.

If you’re interested in hiring a skip from us, you can find your quote with just a postcode! There are some items that we don’t accept so please be sure to take a look at our waste restrictions before hiring to avoid disappointment or extra charges.

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